Johan Kuylenstierna

Adjunct Professor and Vice Chair, Swedish Climate Policy Council

Johan Kuylenstierna is Adjunct Professor and Honorary Doctor at the Stockholm University. He also serves as the Vice Chair of the Swedish Climate Policy Council, which is the formal evaluation mechanism under the Swedish Climate Law. He serves on numerous boards and also runs his own company. Johan was previously the Executive Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute. He has also served as a Project Director at the Stockholm International Water Institute and as a consultant related to environmental management, sustainability and corporate core value processes. He has also worked at UNDESA in New York, WMO in Geneva and at UN-Water/FAO in Rome. He has a degree in earth sciences and his research was focusing on paleoclimatology in the polar regions.

In sessions: Opening Plenary, Launch of Transformational Change Reports (Evaluation and Evidence Synthesis), Looking Ahead at the Future Climate Finance Architecture, Transparency: The Pathway to Leadership for Carbon Intensive Businesses – A Reuters Report