Iain Macbeth

Urban and Future Transport Expert

Iain Macbeth is an expert on emerging trends and technologies in the transport sector. Currently the Head of Foresight at Transport for London (TfL), Iain sits at the nexus between transport solutions and the challenges that global cities face – population growth, economic and social issues, urban planning, and energy. His expertise covers electric vehicles, drones, and autonomous vehicles, as well as emerging models such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Smart Cities, the sharing economy, and the promotion of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles.

Previously, Iain worked in a number of consultancies leading sustainable travel projects, DHL, and a large UK pharmacy chain where he was responsible for transport, security and development control at their head office campus. He is a member of several Advisory Boards and Panels in the Future Mobility sector, and is a member of the UK Automotive Council Technical Working Group.

In session: Clean Transport: Where Do We Go From Here?