Amal-Lee Amin

Chief Climate Change and Sustainability Division, IDB

Dr. Amal-Lee Amin is Associate Director of Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) and leads a programme on international climate finance. Current areas of work include: working with in-country partners on design of financing strategies and pathways in Latin America, Africa and China; and on various initiatives contributing towards shaping the international ecosystem for climate finance. Amal-Lee is a member of the Private Sector Advisor Group to the Green Climate Fund, Board member of REEEP, on the Advisory Board of FiRe and co-facilitator of an OECD DAC task team for improving the Rio Markers for tracking of environmental finance. Between early 2013 and 2014 Amal-Lee was one of the lead authors of the Mobilising Investment chapter of the Green Growth Best Practise initiative. Achievements include lead roles designing and implementing the Climate Investment Funds for the Inter-American Development Bank, the design of a new Green Investment Bank for the UK Government and leading UK and EU strategy and negotiations under the UNFCCC and for Rio+10 and follow-up processes. Amal-Lee’s PhD, which focused on policies for promoting investment in renewable energy in developing countries, has been central to her 15 year professional career.

In sessions: Looking Ahead at the Future Climate Finance Architecture, The Future of Climate Action, Scaling up Climate Finance through Financial Intermediaries

Mustapha Bakkoury

President of Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN)

Mustapha Bakkoury is the president of MASEN since its inception in 2009, a company that was created, with government support, to lead the deployment of solar projects throughout Morocco. He has played a key role in developing the Noor Solar Plan, the world’s largest concentrated solar project to date. Prior to joining MASEN, he led Caisse de depot et de Gestion, one of the leading financial institutions in the Kingdom.

In session: Welcome address

Preety M. Bhandari

Director, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Division (SDCD) of the Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC), ADB

Preety M. Bhandari is currently the Director for Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Division of the Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC) at ADB, and also serving as Chief of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management thematic group. She is responsible for providing policy and strategic direction to ADB’s climate change program and also leads the work on climate finance, with a particular focus on accessing finance from the Climate Investment Funds (CIFs) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Prior to joining ADB, she was heading the Finance, Technology and Capacity Building Program of the secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. She has also worked as the Director of the Policy Analysis Division at TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) in India and is on the editorial board of Climate Policy.

In sessions: Scaling up Climate Finance through Financial Intermediaries, Transformative Change Through Gender and Social Inclusion

Dr. Abdelilah Chami

Sustainability & CSV Manager, Enel Green Power

Dr. Abdelilah Chami is the Sustainability & CSV Manager of Enel Green Power in Morocco. With more than 18 years of experience designing and implementing projects & programs, providing policy advice, conducting and supervising related activities. Dr. Chami is an expert in the fields of sustainable development, Circular Economy, CSV & CSR based on world Bank, IFC, EBRD, KFW Standards. He is Member of ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability, the leading global network of over 1,500 cities, towns and regions committed to building a sustainable future. By helping the Network to become sustainable, low-carbon, ecomobile, resilient, biodiverse, resource-efficient, healthy and happy, with a green economy and smart infrastructure. He is supporting in Morocco the UN Global Compact for SDG’s. Previous publications include: Environmental Business, CSR glocalization for Multinational companies in Oil & gas, and the Circular Economy and sustainability.

His experiences include working with international organizations; as the Director of CSR, Communication & External Affairs of Kosmos Energy American Oil & Gas Company; as the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Senior Development Specialist at the U.S Embassy in Rabat, as Regional Representative of 14M$ development project in Morocco with USAID. He held also various management positions with Leading private sector companies.

Hon. Alexander Chiteme

Minister of National Development Planning, Zambia

Honorable Alexander Chiteme, Member of Parliament of Zambia is a professional Accountant whose career spans over a decade. His interest is finance and development. During his professional service time, he has served at senior level in Audit firms like Deloitte & Touche, Salwin & Edwards of UK as well as in the Mining industry. As a Political leader and based in the National Development Planning Ministry, he combines well the financial, development and political aspects to promote sustainable development in Zambia and the region. He is passionate about promoting good work ethics where ever he has been and is an eloquent speaker who has been key note speaker at various fora both in country and internationally speaking on issues of financial reporting, risk management, internal controls and more recently on natural wealth accounting and sustainable development.

In sessions: Launch of Transformational Change Reports (Evaluation and Evidence Synthesis), Transformative Change Through Gender and Social Inclusion

Lahcen Daoudi

Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in Charge of General Affairs and Governance, Morocco

Lahcen Daoudi is the Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in Charge of General Affairs and Governance for Morocco, a position he was assumed since April 2017. Prior to assuming this position, he was the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Training of Executives.

He has served as an assistant professor at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fes, as a lecturer in economics, deputy director for social action at the Entraide nationale, as a deputy, as deputy chairman The House of Representatives and the Justice and Development Group (PJD) chairman in the same Chamber.

H.E. Luis Alfonso de Alba

UN Special Envoy for the 2019 Climate Summit

H.E. Luis Alfonso de Alba of Mexico is the UNSG’ Special Envoy for the 2019 Climate Summit. Before his appointment, Mr. de Alba was Undersecretary for Latin America and the Caribbean in Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs since September 2017.  Appointed Ambassador in 2001, he brings distinguished experience as Permanent Representative of Mexico to the Organization of American States, to the International Organizations in Vienna, to the United Nations in New York and to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva, among other postings. As his country’s Special Representative for Climate Change, Mr. de Alba led the negotiations for the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16) in Cancún, Mexico.  He has also held several elected positions at the United Nations.

In sessions: Keynote day 2, Moving the Climate Needle: New Technologies and Business Models

Mafalda Duarte

Head, Climate Investment Funds (CIF)

Mafalda Duarte has spent most of her career living and working in more than 30 developing countries, where in partnership with Governments and other stakeholders she has led the design and implementation of policies, programs and projects that can make a real difference in people’s lives. Prior to joining the CIF in 2014, Mafalda led policy and managed climate-related portfolios at the African Development Bank and the World Bank.

In sessions: Welcome remarks, The Future of Climate Action

Nurgul Esenamanova

Associate, Climate Resilience Investments, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

As Associate (Climate Resilience Investments) in the Bishkek Resident Office of the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), Ms Nurgul Esenamanova works on mainstreaming climate resilience into EBRD’s investment operations in Central Asia, especially major climate resilience infrastructure projects in the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan. Nurgul works closely with a number of climate finance mechanisms, such as the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Nurgul has more than seven years’ professional experience in the fields of climate change and environmental issues, and has worked on a range of international projects on climate change and energy efficiency. Before joining EBRD’s Bishkek Resident Office in 2016, Nurgul worked as a Project Manager in the civil society sector, and with a number of consultancy firms.

Al Moustapha Garba

Minister of Environment, Urban Safety and Sustainable Development, Nigeria

Al Moustapha Garba is the Nigerien Minister of Environment, Urban Safety and Sustainable Development, a position he has held since 2016. One of his major aims as Minister is to plant 70,000 hectres of trees each year as a way to combat desertification in the country and NIger’s contribution to the Great Green Wall initiative, in addition to restoring 213,000 hectres of degraded land each year. 

In session: Closing Plenary

Ola Hildingsson

Chairman of the Board, Burapha AgroForestry, SilviPar, Silvestica Green Forest

Dr. Hildingsson has a Master of Science in Forestry and an Honorary Doctor title in Technology from the Umea University, Sweden. He has 40 years of professional experience in forestry and forest industries, and is member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), Chairman of the board of Burapha AgroForestry, SilviPar, Silvestica Green Forest, and Member of the board of Directors at Sodra Skogsagarna, Sweden.

In session: Moving the Climate Needle: New Technologies and Business Models

Akinchan Jain

Senior Financial Officer Structured Finance, Capital Markets, World Bank Treasury

Akinchan (Aki) Jain is a Senior Financial Officer in the Structured Finance team at the World Bank Treasury. The World Bank Treasury manages the funding programs for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and for the International Development association (IDA). Aki works on structured bond issuances and hedging transactions and is responsible for designing and structuring customized and innovative capital markets solutions to support the needs of the World Bank’s investors and clients. His areas of interest include SRI finance, climate finance, social impact bonds, and insurance-linked securities. Aki holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from SRCC in Delhi University and an MBA in Finance from American University.

In session: Scaling up Climate Finance through Financial Intermediaries

Aïchatou Boulama Kané

Minister of Planning, Niger

Aïchatou Boulama Kané is the Minister of Planning for Niger, a position she held since 2016. Prior to assuming the current position, she was Minister of Foreign Affairs between 2015 and 2016, and has held several leadership positions within the Nigerien government including chief of staff to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Her march to protest the low number of women in the National Conference led to inception of the National Day of the Nigerien Women, an annual public holiday.

In session: Launch of Transformational Change Reports (Evaluation and Evidence Synthesis) 

Johan Kuylenstierna

Adjunct Professor and Vice Chair, Swedish Climate Policy Council

Johan Kuylenstierna is Adjunct Professor and Honorary Doctor at the Stockholm University. He also serves as the Vice Chair of the Swedish Climate Policy Council, which is the formal evaluation mechanism under the Swedish Climate Law. He serves on numerous boards and also runs his own company. Johan was previously the Executive Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute. He has also served as a Project Director at the Stockholm International Water Institute and as a consultant related to environmental management, sustainability and corporate core value processes. He has also worked at UNDESA in New York, WMO in Geneva and at UN-Water/FAO in Rome. He has a degree in earth sciences and his research was focusing on paleoclimatology in the polar regions.

In sessions: Opening Plenary, Launch of Transformational Change Reports (Evaluation and Evidence Synthesis), Looking Ahead at the Future Climate Finance Architecture, Transparency: The Pathway to Leadership for Carbon Intensive Businesses – A Reuters Report

Wolfgang Lehmacher

Thought Leader and Practitioner in Supply Chain

Wolfgang Lehmacher is thought leader and practitioner in supply chain and logistics. He was Director, Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries at the World Economic Forum, Partner and Managing Director (China and India) at the global strategy firm CVA, President and CEO of GeoPost Intercontinental, French La Poste. He has been advising Fortune 50 companies, investors, private equity funds and start-ups. He is judge Automotive Logistics Awards Europe, member of the IATA Air Cargo Innovation Awards Jury and the Logistikweisen, a think tank under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry BMVI. Lehmacher is FT, Forbes, Fortune, BI contributor and author of business books, including The Global Supply Chain.

In sessions: Moving the Climate Needle: New Technologies and Business Models, Clean Transport: Where Do We Go From Here? 

Nicholas Leitner

Managing Principal, Pegasys

Nicholas Leitner is a Managing Principal at Pegasys, a leading African developmental advisory firm. Nicholas specialises in strategic consulting, investment advisory, and private equity in the development of climate-smart infrastructure in Africa. He recently supported the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa, African Development Bank, European Investment Bank, and European Commission in originating and structuring a US$2+ billion investment pipeline of urban transport initiatives across sub-Saharan Africa. He has also been assisting the African Export-Import Bank with identifying trade-carrying infrastructure gaps in West Africa, and the Rwandan government in developing the transport components of its Strategic Programme for Climate Resilience. He has been involved in the strategy development and business planning of integrated transport networks in the major South African cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, and in several secondary cities. Currently, Nicholas is working intensively on initiatives within private sector to utilise modern advances in technology and finance to transform Africa’s informal transport industry into a clean and affordable alternative to established offerings.

In session: Clean Transport: Where Do We Go From Here?

Iain Macbeth

Urban and Future Transport Expert

Iain Macbeth is an expert on emerging trends and technologies in the transport sector. Currently the Head of Foresight at Transport for London (TfL), Iain sits at the nexus between transport solutions and the challenges that global cities face – population growth, economic and social issues, urban planning, and energy. His expertise covers electric vehicles, drones, and autonomous vehicles, as well as emerging models such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Smart Cities, the sharing economy, and the promotion of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles.

Previously, Iain worked in a number of consultancies leading sustainable travel projects, DHL, and a large UK pharmacy chain where he was responsible for transport, security and development control at their head office campus. He is a member of several Advisory Boards and Panels in the Future Mobility sector, and is a member of the UK Automotive Council Technical Working Group.

In session: Clean Transport: Where Do We Go From Here?

Marie Francoise Marie-Nelly

Country Director for the Maghreb and Malta, Middle East and North Africa, World Bank

Marie Francoise Marie-Nelly is the World Bank Country Director for the Maghreb and Malta, Middle East and North Africa. Ms. Marie Francoise Marie-Nelly joined the World Bank in 1994 and has held a variety of positions focused on the restructuring of public enterprises, support to private sector development, regional integration, and management of the oil sector. Before assuming the position of World Bank Country Director for the Maghreb and Malta on July 1st, 2015, Ms. Marie-Nelly spent four years as Country Director for Nigeria, and previous to that held a number of posts including Country Director for the two Congo (Brazzaville and DRC) from 2008 to 2011, Director for the World Bank Group Program related to the Chad Petroleum and the Chad-Cameroon pipeline project from 2004 to 2007 and Director for the regional integration program in Africa from 2000 to 2004.

In session: Launch of Transformational Change Reports (Evaluation and Evidence Synthesis) 

Hamisi S. Mikate

Managing Director and Founder, Ensol Limited

Hamisi Saidi Mikate, is a Managing Director and founder of Ensol (T) Limited and Energy Plus Limited, also Director to Bwelui Co. Limited (Hydro power). In December, 2015 Mr. Hamisi received an award of ‘Africa Social Innovation Leadership Award’ by Africa Leadership Award in Mauritius. Mr. Hamisi Mikate was a member of ‘Practitioners’ Dialogue on Climate Investments (PDCI)’, in 2015-2016 for developing a solution on ‘Creating markets for off-and mini-grid renewable energy solutions’, the program was under GIZ. He is a founding member and Treasurer of Tanzania Renewable Association (TAREA) and also a member of Steering committee of the Tanzania Renewable Energy Incubator (TAREBI) and serves as a member of Solar Power Technical Committee at Tanzania Bureau of Standards.

In session: Moving the Climate Needle: New Technologies and Business Models

Abdalah Mokssit

Secretary of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Abdalah Mokssit is the Secretary of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and a meteorologist by profession having studied meteorology at the National School of Meteorology of Toulouse. Before becoming Secretary of the IPCC, he was involved in the IPCC process in various capacities including as Vice-Chair of Working Group I during the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). Mr Mokssit was the Permanent Representative of Morocco with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as Director of the National Meteorological Service of Morocco as well as the Third Vice President of WMO, one of IPCC’s parent Organizations. He was a member of several WMO commissions including the Commission on Climatology and the Commission for Basic Systems. He has been active in international cooperation with regional and international centres, such as the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, the African Centre of Meteorological Applications for Development (ACMAD) and the Aladin Consortium, a European group of countries working on numerical weather prediction.

In session: Keynote day 1


Dr. Robert Muggah

Co-Founder and Research Director, Igarapé Institute

Dr. Robert Muggah is the co-founder and research director of the Igarapé Institute, a Brazilian-based think tank that focuses on data-driven safety and justice across Latin America and Africa. His main area of focus is on cities, security, migration and new technologies. Prior to joining Igarapé, he co-founded SecDev Foundation in Group, an organization that works on cybersecurity and the digital economy in the Middle East, Eurasia and South Asia, in 2010. He has experience consulting with various organizations and companies including the World Bank, the UN, Google and McKinsey. He is also known for designing award-winning interactive data visualizations that track the global arms trade, homicidal violence, fragile cities, and climate change. He has also developed open source body cameras for police accountability and predictive crime dashboards.

In sessions: The Future of Climate Action, Innovation for Urban Resilience: A Forward Look on Adaptation, Urban and Climate Finance: New Frontiers

Timothy Nixon

Founder and Managing Editor of Sustainability, Thomson Reuters

Founder and Managing Editor of Sustainability at Thomson Reuters. Founder and Steering Committee member to United Nations Science, Business & Policy Forum. Member of advisory committee to CECP Strategic Investor Initiative which brings together the largest asset managers and corporations of the world to promote sustainability and long-term planning in business models. In ongoing collaboration with global policy, investing and innovation communities, and part of the media voice on the increasing connections between leadership in sustainability and competitive advantage.

In sessions: The Future of Climate Action, Transparency: The Pathway to Leadership for Carbon Intensive Businesses – A Reuters Report

Omobolanle Olowu

Head, Business Development, Wecyclers

Olowu Omobolanle heads the Business Development team at Wecyclers (Nigeria’s first and largest recycling enterprise). Omobolanle through her role at Wecyclers drives business growth and expansion and this she has successfully achieved through creative ideas, partnerships, grants/funding, discovering and exploring business opportunities while maintaining existing partnerships and relationships.

She oversees the activities of the Wecyclers franchise model currently run in different communities in Lagos State and has developed the Wecyclers Volunteer Initiative. She has successfully handled recycling partnerships with major corporate organizations including DIAGEO, Nigerian Bottling Company, Coca Cola, Unilever, Sterling Bank and the British High Commission.

In session: Moving the Climate Needle: New Technologies and Business Models

Paddy Padmanathan

President & CEO, ACWA Power

Paddy Padmanathan is the President and CEO of ACWA Power, a Saudi-based company that develops, co-owns, invests and operates a variety of projects that works related to power generation, including wind, solar PV, thermal and solar CSP, and desalination of water. Prior to joining ACWA Power, he was the vice president of Black & Veatch, a global engineering and construction company based in the UK.

In sessions: The Solar Revolution, Looking Ahead at the Future Climate Finance Architecture, Concessional Finance in Clean Energy: Lessons Learned and New Frontiers

Riccardo Puliti

Senior Director, Energy & Extractives, World Bank

Riccardo Puliti joined the World Bank Group as Senior Director, Head of the Energy and Extractives Global Practice in November 2016. In his role, Riccardo leads a team of 400 professionals in their work developing policies and financing in the global energy and extractive industries. The Energy and Extractives practice has a portfolio of approximately USD 52 billion.

Aziz Rabbah

Minister of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development, Morocco

Mr. Aziz Rabbah, the former Minister of Equipment, Transport and Logistics since January 2012, was appointed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI as Minister of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development on April 5 2017. Mr. Rabbah held several leadership positions in the Ministries of Economic and General Affairs, Foreign Trade, and Trade and Industry. He also served as an adviser in the offices of several Moroccan Ministers. Mr. Rabbah was elected Mayor of Kenitra city in 2009 and was re-elected in 2015. He was elected member of the Moroccan parliament in 2007, 2011 and 2016. Mr. Rabbah is Research and Expertise Center (CEREX) Executive Committee and founding member, and a founding member of the Sigma21 association. He was also a member of the National Committee for the Upgrading the Economy (2002-2004), the Strategic Committee for Information Technologies (CSTI) (2004-2005), the Interministerial Committee for Electronic Commerce. On the political level, Mr. Aziz Rabbah is one of the leaders of the Moroccan Justice and Development Party, of which he is a member of the General Secretariat for four terms. He was elected national secretary of the youth section of the party for two terms and head of the party’s Executives section. 

In sessions: Welcome remarks, Launch of Transformational Change Reports (Evaluation and Evidence Synthesis), Closing Plenary

John Roome

Senior Director, Climate Change, World Bank

John Roome is Senior Director for Climate Change at the World Bank. As Senior Director, John not only leads a team of specialists but works across the World Bank Group to advance the institution’s climate change agenda.

Prior to this assignment he was Operations and Strategy Director for Global Practices and Cross Cutting Solutions at the World Bank. He previously served as Director for Sustainable Development in the Bank’s East Asia and the Pacific Region, responsible for working with 22 client countries in the region in the water, urban, transport, energy, rural, agriculture, environment, and social sectors, as well as in disaster risk management and climate change.

In sessions: Opening Plenary, The Voice of Indigenous People: Because it Matters, Closing Plenary

Hon. Kanja Ibrahim Sesay

Minister of Energy, Sierra Leone

Alhaji Kanja Ibrahim Sesay is the Minister of Energy for Sierra Leone, a position which he has held since May 2018. Prior to assuming this role, he served as Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action under the Tejan-Kabba administration in which he played a leading role in country’s post war infrastructure and social development, working with various international organizations such as the World Bank and United Nations. As a result of his work in reconstructing towns and villages that were destroyed by the civil war and assisting those that were displaced to return to their former homes, he was awarded a National Honours Award by then-president Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.

Kruskaia Sierra-Escalante

Senior Manager, Blended Finance New Business and Portfolio, IFC

Kruskaia Sierra-Escalante is Senior Manager, Blended Finance New Business and Portfolio, in IFC’s Blended Finance Department. Since 2013, Kruskaia has managed IFC’s blended finance facilities for climate with more than $1 billion in bilateral and multilateral donor-contributions for climate-smart co-investments in IFC projects. During this period, IFC’s blended climate finance portfolio doubled in volume and helped IFC enter riskier markets. She also manages the Blended Finance Facility of the IDA Private Sector Window, created in 2017 to support private sector development, growth, and job creation in some of the world’s least developed countries. Prior to her current position, she headed the Blended Finance unit, a governance unit performing credit review, quality assurance and knowledge-sharing functions and served as IFC’s Global Lead Counsel for Climate and Blended Finance at IFC.

In sessions: Scaling up Climate Finance through Financial Intermediaries, Urban and Climate Finance: New Frontiers

Teuea Toatu

Minister for Finance & Economic Development, Kiribati

Dr. Teuea Toatu, Minister for Finance & Economic Development, Kiribati.  Dr. Teuea Toatu is an I-Kiribati politician who is the current Minister for Finance & Economic Development in the Cabinet of Kiribati.  He is also a Member of the House of Assembly for the constituency of Abaiang.  He graduated with a BA in accounting and economics from the University of the South Pacific in 1980, and completed a certificate in computing at the University of East Anglia in 1984.  He subsequently completed his MSc at the University of Strathclyde and his PhD at the Australian National University.

In session: The Unfinished Business: Universal Energy Access

Govinda Upadhyay

CEO and Founder, LEDsafari

Govinda is CEO and founder of LEDsafari. LEDsafari is a clean-tech social start-up based in Lausanne, Switzerland that develops innovative digital products to help solar companies and organisations to manage their staff and assets in developing countries. LEDsafari brings innovative digital technology for capacity building and training in energy access domain. The flagship products are HelioKit for education in schools, HelioLearn for trainings for youth and HelioHealth is for solar organisations. 

Govinda is on the Forbes 30under30 list for his work in energy access domain. He also received prestigious Swiss Ambassador award 2018 for his work in Education, EIT (EU) CHANGE AWARD 2015 for his work in energy access and climate change and he is on the list of Asia 21 Young leaders 2016. He has done research in sustainable city planning in EPF Lausanne (switzerland), a Masters in sustainable technology from TU Eindhoven (Netherlands) and KTH Sweden. He has physics degree from  BITS Pilani India.

In sessions: The Future of Climate Action, Moving the Climate Needle: New Technologies and Business Models

Kate Wolfenden

Co-Founder and Non Executive Director, Project X

Fuelled by an ever-increasing urgency to bring humans back into harmony with the fragile ecosystem that sustains our life, Kate believes in two things: Systems optimisation and systems change. Kate has brought together a select portfolio of systems change or systems optimisation initiatives that she is working with as a board member, advisor or special project in order to accelerate industrial and financial action on climate. Portfolio including Project X, Landscape Finance Labs, Estari Group, Tomorrow’s Capitalism Enquiry and Future Planet.

Prior to this Kate Co-Founded Project X. A systems optimisation focused initiative that enables entire industries to make difficult shifts in their sustainability agenda together, focusing on the lens of procurement. Kate’s background was a serial creative entrepreneur running several small businesses before moving into the NGO sector, developing and supporting corporate partnership and events programmes over 6 years for award winning charities such as Oxfam, Carbon Disclosure Project and Childreach International.

In session: Moving the Climate Needle: New Technologies and Business Models

Christian Wolmar

Transport Author and Labour Politician

Christian Wolmar is an award winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport and is the author of a series of books ranging from histories of the London Underground and an analysis of transport policy in the UK to history of Indian railways and a sceptical polemic about autonomous cars. He was the unsuccessful candidate for Labour in the December 2016 Richmond Park & North Kingston by-election. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and railway events, and regularly appears on TV and radio. He has spent nearly all of his working life as a journalist, and his interest in transport began at The Independent when he was appointed transport correspondent in 1992. Although he mainly concentrates on transport matters, he has  covered many other social policy issues and has written on a wide range of subjects, from cricket to the Private Finance Initiative. Christian is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading commentators on transport matters. He broadcasts frequently on radio and TV and is a regular pundit on the national news bulletins of terrestrial channels and Sky.

In session: Clean Transport: Where Do We Go From Here?

Kandeh Yumkella

Former United Nations Under Secretary General and Founding CEO, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL)

Dr. Kandeh Yumkella is the former United Nations Under-Secretary-General, Chair of UN-Energy (2008-2015) and founding CEO and Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sustainable Energy for All. A distinguished development economist and an expert in agricultural economics with over 25 years of international experience, he brought a renewed and vital focus to global energy issues and led the coordination of the United Nations response to energy issues. Prior to joining the UN, he was the Minister for Trade, Industry and State Enterprises for Sierra Leone and was assistant professor at Michigan State University. A member of pre-eminent global organizations and the recipient of numerous international awards, he holds a BSc in General Agriculture from Njala University College, Sierra Leone; MSc in Agricultural Economics, Cornell University and a PhD in Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois. Previously, he served as Director-General of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) for two four-year terms (2005-2013).

In sessions: The Solar Revolution, The Unfinished Business: Universal Energy Access

Ethan Zindler

Head of Americas and Policy Analysis, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Ethan Zindler is Head of Americas and Policy at Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), the definitive source of insight, data and news on the transformation of the energy sector. Zindler manages the company’s analyst and commercial teams in New York, Washington, San Francisco, and Sao Paulo. He has also manages the production of Climatescope, a project to profile clean energy investment conditions in emerging markets underwritten by the the Inter-American Development Bank, the UK Department for International Development, and the US Agency for International Development.  Based in Washington, Zindler serves as BNEF’s primary spokesperson in North America, has been quoted extensively in the media, and has testified multiple times on clean energy issues before Congressional committees, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, and elsewhere. Zindler is a Senior Associate (Non-Resident) at the Center for Strategic & International Studies Energy and National Security Program. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA from Georgetown University.

In session: Concessional Finance in Clean Energy: Lessons Learned and New Frontiers