Security Advisory


WBG Security Focal Points and Emergency Contact Numbers

Name & Function Cellphone Location Remarks
Lesley Wilson +12024733656 Ouarzazate CIF 10 Capstone Conference Coordinator
Amel El Abed +1 202 790 9644 Ouarzazate CIF 10 Capstone Conf- Prog Assistant
Steve Tinegate +961 70656151

+1 202 855 8463

MENA Beirut Security Coordination / MENA

Sr Regional. Security Specialist

Fadhel Meddeb +216 58609619


Ouarzazate Security Specialist Morocco
Marie Francoise Marie-Nelly +212 661 292 912 Rabat Country Director


WBG Global Security Operations: 

Emergency Contact: +1-202-458-8888         


Other important local telephone numbers


Police ………………………19

Gendarmerie Royal ……….177

On Call Standby Doctor: 

Dr. Moutauekel:  Mob:…+212 661633983

Le Berbere PalaceHotel…………. +212 (0) 5248-83105

Hotel Farah El Janoub………….  +212 (0) 5248-85106

Hotel Hanan……………………. +212 (0) 5248-82555

Hospital Sidi Hssain…………….+212 (0) 524882122

Clinic Chifa (24/7 ICU)………….+212 (0) 5248-85276


General Overview

The Climate Investment Fund “CIF@10 capstone” event and Trust Fund Committee meetings is scheduled to be held from 28 January to 3rd February 2019 in Ouarzazate, Morocco. The venue is located in MASEN (15km from Ouarzazate town) and La Berbere Palace Hotel respectively.

Around and inside MASEN center, the Moroccan security will have authority over a secured Zone which is available to attendees and participants with accreditation from the CIF management. Morocco has successfully held many international events such as : COP 2001/2007 without incident, but since then, and after the Arab Spring,  the threat environment has changed substantially.

The security situation in Morocco is stable. Terrorism and crime represent the greatest threats to staff and attendee safety at the CIF@10 event in Ouarzazate. Given the high-profile nature of the event and its location in a small urban center, and in a very well secured MASEN center, these threats are considered Medium from now until its conclusion. In response, the Moroccan government has committed to a substantial deployment of extra security personnel around hotel: le berbere-Farah-Hanen and MASEN center in Ouarzazate.


Country-wide, crime levels in Morocco are low by regional standards. The threat is greatest in large cities, Ouarzazate is considered a small town. Most crimes reported to police are petty and opportunistic, including pickpocketing, mugging, and burglary. Violent crime against foreigners and kidnappings in Morocco are very rare. These low statistics are generally attributed to the efficacy of the country’s security services. However, a high-profile event such as CIF@10 and an influx of foreign visitors to Ouarzazate town and International Airport will likely increase opportunities for petty criminals to target unattended bags and valuables.


There are currently no known direct terrorist threats against the CIF @10 event in Ouarzazate. Given the capacity of Moroccan security and intelligence services and the commitments by the government to deploy security personnel to the hotels and on the way to MASEN, it is assessed that despite a persistent threat of terrorism and recent terrorist propaganda directed toward Morocco, there is no direct threat to staff attending the event.

The overall terrorism threat in Morocco is significantly lower than in neighboring Maghreb countries. Likely targets include tourist areas, Moroccan government buildings and Moroccan security personnel. Most arrests of militants in Morocco have revealed that those responsible for such threats are usually Moroccan citizens, inspired by the so-called Islamic State (IS), and not necessarily foreign fighters with battlefield experience. Increasingly however, IS propaganda continues to single out Morocco for attacks and the group appears intent on planning and carrying out rather than just inspiring attacks in the country. The Moroccan government estimates that as many as 250 Moroccan fighters have repatriated in recent months, but it is difficult to determine how many continue to harbor jihadist tendencies. This presents a challenge for the Moroccan government over the next 12 months, but should have little impact on the CIF@10 event.

Moroccan security and intelligence agencies, have proven effective in disrupting domestic militant cells. According to the Interior Ministry, 78 suspected militant cells with IS ties have been dismantled since 2013, though the rate that these cells are being discovered is increasing. Domestically, there is little social support for jihadist groups. Islamist political parties have been incorporated into the formal political system and the monarchy has enacted reforms that have addressed minority issues and expanded political inclusion.

Other threats

Protests, demonstrations and strikes are common in Morocco, but are generally peaceful. Morocco’s parliament has pursued a measured austerity program over the past few years, which has been largely accepted by citizens. Occasional protests do occur following cuts to subsidies and long-term worker benefits, but that is generally in large cities such as Casa and Rabat. The government of Morocco and Climate Investment Fund are involving civil society groups in the event at Ouarzazate.

Road safety concerns continue to be highlighted as a major threat; traffic accidents in Morocco are frequent and often result in serious injury and/or fatalities. Many commercial vehicles (taxis etc) lack basic safety features and are ill equipped to protect passengers in the case of an accident. Drivers often do not  adhere to traffic rules and can at times pose high risk to pedestrians as well as their passengers. All participants are recommended to utilize road transportation as provided by the organizers.

Personal Awareness Checklist

  • Familiarize yourself with your immediate surroundings –try to adopt a low profile and remain “street smart”.
  • Never carry/display unnecessary large amounts of cash/valuables, stick to main roads and well-lit areas.
  • Never leave valuables unattended in your hotel room or at the conference venue -place valuables, money, jewelry, airplane tickets, credit cards, and passport in a safety deposit box at the hotel.
  • Announce any alteration in your plans. -Inform your contact person before you go off schedule.
  • Keep your hotel door locked at all times, -meet visitors in the lobby.
  • Make yourself aware of fire safety procedures –familiarize yourself with the nearest emergency exit.

Should you experience a security incident or have related questions/concerns during your participation at CIF@10 Event, please do immediately contact the organizers listed above to ensure that timely advice and support can be provided.

You can download a copy of the Security Advisory here.